Graphic Exchange Feature

For years I have scrolled through post after post on Fabien Barral's blog Graphic Exchange. I have always been impressed with Barral's ability to find and feature high caliber, quality design work on the blog. It was a pleasant surprise to see some of my work on there this past weekend. To see the post and other great work, click here.



Austin, TX

For Labor Day weekend, I surprised my wife with a trip to Austin, TX for our four year anniversary. It was a magical time getting to spend some solid days wondering the streets of Austin, eating good food and visiting some cool sites and shops. These are a few shots from the weekend.


Fourth Ward Brewery

Matt Stevens recent work for Fourth Ward Brewery is a smorgasbord of goodness. If you have followed him, then you know his work is always comprehensive and vast. He pushes branding from something that can be stale and extremely repetitive to something that can be surprising and rewarding. This is nothing short of that.

4wb post apparel.jpg

Be Brave

Recently, some friends of mine suffered the unbearable pain of losing a loved one. A life that was taken unexpectedly and without warning. A complete shock.

Some live a full life and others of us will be taken prematurely. Regardless, life is short for us all and should be lived to its fullest.

So, be brave. Take risks. Make something new. Be the person you want to be because tomorrow might be that you are taken from this life.