Invisible Creature Farm League

Invisible Creature is one of those design studios that is next level for me. They take a small idea and flesh them out completely. From their Stack and Scare blocks to show posters, their work is carefully thought through and beautiful details abound. A lot of their work has become more and more playful and this new side project/brand is nothing short of playful. "After visiting the beautiful new Ebbets Field Flannels storefront in Seattle a few months back, we came up with a crazy idea to fuse a few of our old passions into one: Baseball, art and … people."



Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

"What focus means is saying no to something that with every bone in your body you think is a phenomenal idea and you wake up thinking about it, but you say no to it because you're focused on something else."


Graphic Exchange Feature

For years I have scrolled through post after post on Fabien Barral's blog Graphic Exchange. I have always been impressed with Barral's ability to find and feature high caliber, quality design work on the blog. It was a pleasant surprise to see some of my work on there this past weekend. To see the post and other great work, click here.



Austin, TX

For Labor Day weekend, I surprised my wife with a trip to Austin, TX for our four year anniversary. It was a magical time getting to spend some solid days wondering the streets of Austin, eating good food and visiting some cool sites and shops. These are a few shots from the weekend.